USE Faculty Bulk Order Form

Please note that we are not accepting any orders from Semester 1, 2015, as the USE will be replaced by a new survey. Contact the ITL for more information.
Heads of Faculty/School or their delegate can use this on-line form to order surveys for designated Unit of Study Coordinators. Unit of Study Coordinators can place individual orders using the individual order form.

Health Sciences: WIL USE orders must be placed here.

STEP 1: Orderer's details
Your Name 
Bldg Code 
return date: 01-Apr-2015

Please send a copy of all the survey reports (except those otherwise indicated in the next step *) to the Head of Faculty/School, who has advised the Unit of Study Coordinators that this will happen.

STEP 2: Units of Study

Attach a tab delimited text file containing one Unit of Study per line, with the following fields, in the following order:
Unit of Study Name, Unit of Study Code, Number of Students Enrolled, Unit of Study Coordinator, Coordinator's Email, School/Department, Building Code, *Head of Faculty/School, *Head's Email, *2nd Head of Faculty/School, *2nd Head's Email, *Envelopes, *onlineUSE
Please Note that all fields (except *) are required for each unit.

Text File

More detailed instructions and an Excel template for the text file can be found here:

Once you have submitted, if there are no errors or missing data, you will receive a an email confirming your order. The Unit of Study Coordinators you have placed USE orders for will also receive an email notifying them that this has occurred. Email confirmation lets you know that the ITL has received your order.

If you do not receive this email then your order has NOT been received by the ITL. Please check the details carefully before contacting the ITL. (Allow 2 weeks for delivery)

If you are having any problems, please contact Kelly Hong at the ITL.