ITL HDR Students

Due date
Title of Thesis
(First name= supervisor; other names = associate supervisor)
Student contact details
2021 Sarah Barradell PhD Threshold Concepts and Ways of Thinking and Practising in physiotherapy curriculum: a phenomenological heuristic research inquiry in an entry-level physiotherapy context A/Prof Simon Barrie, Prof Lindy McAllister, Dr Tai Peseta

Fangfang Li PhD

The road to the sense of discipline: An exploration of the perceptual way of teaching and learning in finance courses Prof Keith Trigwell, Dr Amani Bell
2017 Katherine Jukic PhD Nutrition specialist/professional as a resource: A strategy to enhance the quality of nutrition education within undergraduate medical programs Prof Keith Trigwell, A/Prof Linda Klein
2017 Delyse Leadbeatter PhD How students experiences of the Dental curriculum support their development of ways of thinking and practicing A/Prof Simon Barrie, Prof Chris Peck (Dentistry)
2017 Sarah Whereat
Education of medical students in Intensive Care Medicine in Australia and New Zealand Prof Anthony McLean, Dr Graham Hendry
2016 Giedre Kligyte
Study of effectiveness of academic development programs and their role in supporting continuing professional development in Higher Education A/Prof Simon Barrie, Dr Tai Peseta
2016 Karen Garlan PhD Medical students' reflection on their experience in the elective term

Dr Graham Hendry, A/Prof Linda Klein, Prof Heather Jeffrey.
2014 Ingrid van Gelderen
Investigating the variation in placement supervisors' experiences of teaching final year Veterinary Science students Prof Rosanne Taylor, Dr Susan Matthew, Dr Graham Hendry
2013 Milica Simic Misic
The effectiveness of the SOLO Taxonomy to support introductory accounting students’ conceptual understanding A/Prof Rosina Mladenovic, A/Prof Sue Newberry, Dr Amani Bell
2012 Al Popp
Mapping Engineering Competencies A/Prof Craig Jin, A/Prof Simon Barrie
2012 Daniel Sze
PBL Medical Education in International Universities in different cultural contexts A/Prof Rob Ellis, Prof Michael Prosser
2012 Ann Applebee
Trainee teacher experiences of blended learning A/Prof Rob Ellis, Prof Peter Goodyear


Thesis Title
Student contact details
2014 Helene de Burgh-Woodman MEd A reflective case study on student perceptions of course quality and value Prof Keith Trigwell
2013 Kate Thomson
The nature of informal academic discourse on university teaching Prof Keith Trigwell, A/Prof Simon Barrie
2009 Sue Rice PhD Sketching to Learn, Learning to sketch; Students ways of sketching in architectural designing A/Prof Simon Barrie, A/Prof Terry Purcell
2007 Helen Forbes PhD Clinical teachers’ experiences of nursing Prof Angela Brew, Prof Michael Prosser, A/Prof Simon Barrie
2006 Lyn Leveson PhD A Phenomenographic Study of Individual Approaches to Teaching accounting in Higher Education Prof Angela Brew, A/Prof Rosina Mladenovic, Prof Michael Prosser, A/Prof Simon Barrie
2005 Tai Peseta PhD Learning and Becoming in Academic Development: an autoethnographic inquiry Prof Angela Brew
2005 Peter Kandlbinder PhD An interpretation of mediated learning in higher education Dr Robert Young, Prof Angela Brew
2003 Gerlese
Åkerlind PhD
Growing and Developing as an Academic: Implications for academic development, academia and academic work Prof Michael Prosser
2002 Fiona Warehouse PhD First year University Physics Students' Experiences, Understandings, and Focal Awareness Prof Michael Prosser
2001 Patricia M Lyon PhD Teaching and Learning in the Operating Theatre Dr Robert Young, Prof Angela Brew
2000 Christopher Cope PhD Educational Critical Aspects of the Experience of Learning about the Concept of an Information System Prof Michael Prosser