About the Student Research Experience Questionnaire (SREQ)

In 2002 the Institute for Teaching and Learning (ITL) began collecting data for The University community on research higher degree students' perceptions of their research training experiences. This data is gathered every second year using a survey specifically developed for this task, the "Student Research Experience Questionnaire" (SREQ). The purpose of the SREQ is to provide the University community with a basis for strategic, and faculty level academic development to further enhance the quality of research higher degrees. The SREQ is based on a national survey of research higher degree students, the Postgraduate Research Experience Questionnaire (PREQ).

The survey gathers data on students' perceptions of the quality and frequency of supervision, intellectual and social climate, infrastructure, approaches to research, and generic skills development in their research higher degree, as well as their perceptions of the administration and student support services. The ITL analyses this data and provides a range of reports to staff and students of the university through this web site.

The ITL works closely with the Graduate Studies Office to consider how the faculties might make the best use of such evaluation and quality assurance data. The ITL also collaborates with faculties to arrange follow-up fora on the SREQ and PREQ on request. Such fora should be open to all staff and students of the faculty and are intended to stimulate debate and discussion on improving the experience of research higher degrees based on the SREQ and PREQ results.

The SREQ and PREQ data can also be used by faculties in the development of their annual research plans and in developing teaching grant applications. Staff of the ITL are available to provide support to faculties in the interpretation of the SREQ and PREQ data and the development of strategic responses to address any issues identified.

If you have any questions about the administration of the SREQ, please contact Dr Brad Ridout.