Your Faculty's Teaching Standards Compact

SEG endorsed the first full set of Faculty Teaching Standards Compacts at its August 2012 meeting. The second set of Compacts were endorsed by SEG in October 2013. In most faculties, the 2014 Compacts extend the range of targets to accommodate a broader scope of faculty strategic priorities, with the aim of further enhancing the quality of curriculum, teaching and learning in units of study.

Each faculty is responsible for making the text of the endorsed Compact available to staff and students on a suitable faculty website, and for advising the SEG Education committee of the URL.

If you have questions about your Faculty’s Compact initiatives please contact your Associate Dean L&T or the Director Teaching and Learning in the Education Portfolio.

As with the first cycle, during the second cycle of the Compacts, the Associate Deans L&T agreed to provide SEG with interim progress updates. Full reporting against the 2014 Compact targets and endorsement of the next cycle of Compacts by SEG will occur in second semester 2015. 

The DVC (E) proposed to meet with each Dean annually to review the agreements and how continued improvements in teaching outcomes across the University will be achieved.