Sessional Teachers: Lecturers, Tutors, Demonstrators & Student Workplace Supervisors

Welcome to teaching at the University of Sydney.

Sessional teaching staff are defined as those employed as academics on a casual basis or those on a fixed term academic contract (either part-time or full-time) of less than two years.

The roles typically filled by sessional teachers include: tutors, lab demonstrators, clinical placement supervisors, other workplace placement supervisors, lecturers, etc.


You can find information about induction to the University and your local department here. As a sessional teacher your supervisor is most likely to be the unit of study coordinator for the subject you are teaching in. In other cases it may be a degree coordinator, or a workplace placement coordinator.

The University also regularly hosts orientation seminars for new staff. These are free and give an overview of the values and strategies at Sydney.

Teaching development courses

Many Faculties offer short courses on university teaching for sessional staff, click here for more details.

The ITL also offers an online program to support casual academics in teaching roles. Called 'An Introduction to Teaching at Sydney', the program takes about three hours to complete, and is intended to complement Faculty-based development activities. A certificate of completion is available from the ITL on request.