EDPR 5002 - Reflection & practice in university teaching and learning

Type: Core unit of study, Higher Education Program
Unit of Study Coordinator: Kathryn Bartimote-Aufflick
Phone: 9351 4955
Assessment: Attendance and participation in the Principles and Practice of University Teaching and Learning (P&P) program is a prerequisite of this unit.
Assessment in this unit consists of two peer reviews and a final written reflection on your learning during the semester. Assessment tasks in this unit articulate with the learning experience of EDPR 5001.
Timetable: View the 2014 semester 1 timetable
Unit outline: View the 2014 semester 1 unit outline

Beginning with the P&P program, this unit of study develops your understanding of the role and importance of reflection in university teaching and learning. Building on the student learning research perspective, the unit aims to develop your ability to engage reflectively with your own teaching practice as a key to your continuing professional development as a university teacher. Working with academic colleagues, you will begin to develop skills in reflective practice and in facilitating peer feedback in university teaching and learning contexts. Through engaging with the scholarly literature and participating in a number of tasks with your course colleagues, you will begin to plan ways in which to embed a reflective habit within your teaching. The skills and knowledge you will develop are expected to contribute to an enhanced understanding of your teaching practice as it relates student learning.

Learning in this unit takes place parallel to and consistent with your participation in the other core first semester unit – EDPR5001: University Teaching and Learning.