EDPR 5001 - University teaching and learning

Type: Core unit of study, Higher Education program
Unit of Study Coordinator: Dr Amani Bell
Phone: 9351 4572
Assessment: Projects concerned with student learning 
Timetable: View the 2014 semester 1 timetable
Unit outline: View the 2014 semester 1 unit outline

This unit is one of two first semester units offered as part of a Graduate Certificate in Educational Studies (Higher Education) by the Institute for Teaching and Learning (ITL) through the Faculty of Education and Social Work. (The other first semester unit is EDPR5002 Reflection and practice in University Teaching and Learning).

The unit is based upon a negotiated curriculum which seeks to develop participants’ understanding of university teaching, learning, assessment and evaluation processes in the context of their own teaching. It will include an introduction to higher education teaching and learning principles and philosophy and to the components of a university curriculum.