Ordering student feedback forms

Staff can order questionnaires using the online order form. Staff will receive a confirmation email of their order once they have submitted their order. This email will include information related to:

  • contact details (so that ITL can return the report and surveys to the appropriate staff person)
  • name of the unit of study
  • type of questionnaires required
  • total number of number of surveys and
  • the number of groups of students in the unit of study

If staff do not receive a confirmation email, this means that the ITL has not received your order. In which case, please phone the ITL on 9351 3725, or email itl.surveys@sydney.edu.au.

Receiving Forms

Staff will receive their orders up to 2 weeks from the date of order. The order will be mailed via the University's internal mail system.

The package will contain:

  • Questionnaires as requested in the order
  • Administrative Guidelines - click here to download the guidelines (pdf format)
  • Yellow Student Confidentiality Seal and return envelope

Should any of this information be absent from your package, please phone the ITL on 9351 3725, or email itl.surveys@sydney.edu.au