About Feedback for Teachers (FFT)

The purpose of the Feedback for Teachers service is to encourage staff to reflect on their teaching and to improve it.

Dependent on the nature of the feedback sought, different methods may, or may not, be suitable for achieving this purpose. The ITL provides staff of the university with a range of educationally sound strategies for obtaining student feedback. Staff of the ITL are available to assist academic staff in selecting the feedback strategy best suited to their needs.

The use of the Feedback for Teachers service by staff is entirely voluntary and student feedback gathered using this service is returned only to the staff member or group requesting it. It is up to the staff member involved to decide whether to discuss the feedback with colleagues and what action to take. The staff of the Institute for Teaching and Learning are available to discuss the feedback and collaborate in the development of improved teaching strategies if requested.

The ITL does not encourage over-surveying of students. It is recommended that student feedback be collected only with the clear intention of acting upon such feedback. Furthermore it is recommended that students be informed of actions and improvements arising from the feedback they have provided.

Student opinion is only one source of feedback on the teaching and learning process. Should you wish to discuss alternative ways of obtaining feedback on your teaching or units of study, from sources other than students, please do not hesitate to contact the staff at the ITL.

Feedback for Teachers is a confidential service for individual teachers. Staff are not permitted to order on behalf of other staff members. e.g. a head of school cannot order a survey for a lecturer; a lecturer cannot order surveys for a tutor working for them. It is the responsibility of individual teachers to order surveys for themselves.

About the Student Feedback Questionnaires

The Feedback for Teachers Service provides a range of feedback strategies to support teachers in gathering information about students' learning experiences. Depending on the nature of the feedback sought, particular methods may be more appropriate than others. Student feedback questionnaires are one of the methods staff can use.

Find out about the ITL Questionnaires

If you are unsure about which feedback strategy is most suited to your needs, please ask the ITL.

FFT Contacts

If you have any feedback or queries regarding the ITL's FFT System please contact Jennifer Ungaro or Professor Keith Trigwell in the Institute for Teaching and Learning on 9351 3725. Or visit Staff survey contacts.

You might also like to contact your Associate Dean Learning and Teaching.