Survey Team contacts

Kathryn Bartimote-Aufflick is the academic who leads the ITL's evaluation of learning and teaching work, including surveys of the student experience. She can answer your questions about U niversity policies and SEG decisions that relate to the quality of teaching and curriculum. She is also available to assist staff interpret results for any of the surveys, and to plan evaluation of teaching and curriculum. Kathryn is also available to answer queries relating to 2015 changes in the suite of student experience surveys run at Sydney, and the new Education KPIs.

Brad Ridout is the Survey Officer responsible for the administration and reporting of the degree-level surveys the University conducts or participates in. For recent graduates there is the Australian Graduate Survey (AGS), comprising the Graduate Destination Survey as well as the Course Experience Questionnaire (CEQ) for coursework students or the Postgraduate Research Experience Questionnaire (PREQ) for research students. For current students there is the University Experience Survey (UES) for coursework students that replaces the outgoing Student Course Experience Questionnaire (SCEQ) , or the Student Research Experience Questionnaire (SREQ) for research students. Brad can assist staff in accessing and interpreting the results of any of these surveys. Ph: 9351 3607 or email Brad.

Kelly Hong is Executive Officer within the ITL. Kelly oversees the administrative aspects of several surveys. In particular, she can answer your administrative questions about the new Unit of Study Survey (USS), the outgoing Unit of Study Evaluation (USE), and the Feedback for Teachers (FFT) surveys. Kelly can assist you in using the web-based ordering systems. Phone: 9351 4821 or email Kelly.

Jennifer Ungaro is the Manager responsible for the administration management of all surveys.  Jennifer manages all the surveys conducted by the ITL and can put you in touch with the relevant ITL staff member. Ph: 9351 5810 or email Jennifer.

Ben Spiers is the web developer for the ITL's web based systems for analysis and reporting of teaching evaluation data. Queries relating to these systems should be directed to Jennifer in the first instance.