Survey staff contacts

Prof Keith Trigwell is the academic who leads the ITL's teaching evaluation and quality assurance work. He can answer your questions on this work, university policy and the development of the ITL's service. He can also assist staff and faculties in interpreting and responding to teaching evaluation results and in planning research in this area.
Ph: 9351 4572 or email Keith.

Kelly Hong is the Executive Officer for the Teaching Evaluation and Enhancement Service. Kelly can answer your questions about the Unit of Study Evaluation and the Feedback for Teachers Surveys. Kelly will also assist you with website ordering queries.
Phone: 9351 4821 or email Kelly.

Jennifer Ungaro is the Manager responsible for the administration management of all surveys.  Jennifer manages all the surveys conducted by the ITL and will help put you in touch with the relevant ITL staff member for surveys if you have a query regarding any of the surveys.
Ph: 9351 5810 or email Jennifer.

Ben Spiers is the web developer for the ITL's web based systems for analysis and reporting of teaching evaluation data. Questions or queries about using the website should be addressed to Kelly Hong on 9351 4821.

Brad Ridout is the Survey Officer responsible for the administration and reporting of the Australian Graduate Survey (AGS) and Course Experience Questionnaire (CEQ). Brad can assist staff and faculties in interpreting AGS/CEQ, AGS/PREQ, SCEQ and SREQ response rates.
Ph: 9351 3607 or email Brad.