Responding to the CEQ

Staff of the ITL are available to meet with faculty staff to discuss issues raised by the CEQ results and to assist in identifying strategies to address these. Please contact Brad Ridout or Keith Trigwell in the ITL on 9351 3725 to arrange an appointment.

There is a growing body of high quality research which links students' positive perceptions on the CEQ factor scales, with more effective student approaches to learning, and better quality student learning outcomes. Staff of the ITL would welcome the opportunity to support their colleagues in the faculties in building upon this research in planning improvements to teaching and learning.

The CEQ results can also provide staff in the faculties with useful data to inform teaching and learning research. Please contact the ITL if you would like to discuss any aspect of such a research project.

The ITL, prior to 2007, provided support to faculties in interpreting and planning responses to the CEQ data through the Evaluation and Quality Assurance Working Group. This group no longer meets, but the notes from the project are still accessible.