Educational Innovation Grants Guidelines 2014

Funding of approximately $500K is now available to support educational innovation projects in faculties. The purpose of this funding is to support initiatives for quality improvement and innovation in teaching and learning. Both the Small and Large Educational Innovation Grant Schemes are intended to support work that involves the creative application of existing approaches and technologies or the development of novel approaches and technologies to one or more units of study in order to improve students’ learning experiences. In both cases, the impact may be in one or a collection of units of study; the difference between the two schemes is intended to reflect the level of support required to achieve the proposed outcomes. Applications in both schemes will be assessed according to the criteria set out below.      

Applications are invited from staff in all faculties for both schemes:

  • Small Educational Innovation (SEI) Grants – Funding of up to $8,000 is available to support small educational innovation projects.
  • Large Educational Innovation (LEI) Grants – Funding of up to $35,000 is available to support large educational innovation projects.
Selection criteria for SEI and LEI Grants

Proposals should be aligned with the University of Sydney 2011-2015 Strategic Plan.

Proposals developing the following will be prioritised:

  • Engaged enquiry’ as a mode of learning;
  • More effective approaches to feedback and assessment;
  • Deeper learning engagement through effective class and/or peer interaction; and
  • Creative use of existing technologies or approaches or the development of new technologies or approaches to improve the quality and effectiveness of learning experiences and learning outcomes.

Please note that funding is generally not provided for travel, attendance at conferences or equipment.


The grants are intended to support faculty or cross faculty activities and applicants must be full time or part time faculty staff.

The Education Portfolio will offer support in designing projects and preparing applications through a workshop for intending applicants.

Workshop - 19 September 2014, 9.30-11.00am Register Here

Staff in ITL, eLearning, LC and MLC are available to provide advice and consultancy to applicants on request.

Application process

All applicants must complete the application form provided: Large Educational Innovation (LEI) Grants and Small Educational Innovation (SEI) Grants.

In addition to the form, applicants are invited to submit an additional two pages (for SEI grants) or three pages (for LEI grants) that include the following:

  • A proposal to improve the quality and effectiveness of students’ learning experiences and the quality of learning outcomes, with a compelling rationale supported where possible by appropriate evidence
  • Expected outcomes, including likely number of students affected;
  • An evaluation plan;
  • Budget, budget justification and timeline for the project.

If the proposal requires support from Sydney eLearning, the Institute for Teaching and Learning (ITL), the Learning Centre (LC) and/or the Mathematics Learning Centre (MLC), please make contact with the relevant group to discuss the project plan prior to submission of the application and include reference to advice provided.

All submissions are to be in 11 point font and collated for submission as a single PDF.

Selection Process

Associate Deans (Learning and Teaching) will be requested to consult with their Deans and eLearning representatives and provide a ranking of all applications submitted through their Faculty in each of the two categories of funding (SEI, LEI).

A Selection Panel will then assess the applications and take into account the following criteria:

  • Alignment of the project with the University’s strategic plan;
  • The strength of the project rationale;
  • The likely impact of the project on students’ learning experiences (including depth and reach);
  • The likely effectiveness of the evaluation plan;
  • Opportunities for broader adoption within the University of project methods and outcomes; and
  • Faculty rankings

The Selection panel will comprise:

  • DVC (Education), or nominee (Chair)
  • Director, Teaching and Learning, or nominee
  • Director, eLearning, or nominee
  • Two Associate Deans nominated by SEG Education
  • Chief Information Officer, or nominee

Projects will be completed and reported (outcomes and finances) by December 2015 and project reports will be considered by SEG Education. Reports should take the form of a 1-3 page report that includes a financial report on expenditure and key project outcomes. Reporting is a condition of eligibility for future funding schemes.

Successful applicants will work with the University to disseminate the report and outcomes of their projects.

Any funds not expended by the end of December 2015 will be returned.


Applicants should contact their Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching) for faculty internal submission dates.

Applications, endorsed with Dean’s sign-off, must be submitted by Friday 14 November 2014.

For Small Educational Innovation Grants Submit Here

For Large Educational Innovation Grants Submit Here

Faculties must submit their ranking of submitted applications via email to Belinda Yeldham by c.o.b. Friday 14th November.