OLT Citations

Citations For Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning

Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning offered by the Office for Learning and Teaching (OLT)  recognise and reward the diverse contributions made by individuals and teams to the quality of student learning.

Citations are awarded to those who have made a significant contribution to the quality of student learning in a specific area of responsibility over a sustained period, whether they are academic staff, general staff, sessional staff or institutional associates.

Citations provide an opportunity for distinctive institutional missions, values and priorities in learning and teaching to be recognised. Citations are awarded for a range of contributions to student learning, both direct and indirect.

Up to 160 Citations, including the Early Career category, with prize value of $10,000 each, are available nationally in 2014. The maximum number of citation nominations the University can nominate is six. Nominees, who have no more than five years’ experience teaching in a higher education setting, which includes tutoring and part time teaching, may apply for an Early Career Citation.

Considering applying for this award?


Step 1

Step 2

  • These resources may help you in completing your application.
  • Consult the successful applications kept at the ITL reception, Carslaw 387, during business hours.
  • Contact the ITL for assistance with your application.

Step 3

Step 4

  • Prepare your application, noting carefully the criteria and requirements to submit the applications and references as one .pfd.
  • Because there is a short turn around time for the selected applications before the final submission it is advisable to have everything in final form.
  • If you have still to get final references submission of a photograph at this stage is optional but note that the OLT's requirements (see Step 1) include a photo with a white background.

Step 5

  • Re-Submissions are due for OLT by 5pm, Monday 5 May.

Step 6