ITL Staff


Simon Barrie

Dr Simon Barrie

Director and Associate Professor
ph: (02) 9351 5814
Simon is the Director Teaching and Learning at The University of Sydney. He is a senior member of the University's Education Portfolio with responsibilities for the collaborative leadership and implementation of the University's teaching and curriculum renewal strategies. He leads the Institute for Teaching and Learning (ITL) and, working with the Heads of the Learning Centre and the Maths Learning Centre, Simon oversees the strategic direction of the three units. more..

Academic Staff

Kathryn Aufflick

Kathryn Bartimote-Aufflick

ph: (02) 9351 4955
Surveys, evaluation, and analytics; Research in the field of educational psychology;  more..
Amani Bell

Dr Amani Bell

ph: (02) 9351 5815
Amani teaches on ITL's academic development programs, and leads the sessional staff development project and the #edtech network. more..
Graham Hendry

Dr Graham Hendry

Senior Lecturer
ph: (02) 9351 4820
Teaching development coordination and research; more..

Dr Alison Kuiper

Senior Lecturer
ph: (02) 9114 0577
Alison is responsible for Teaching Excellence Awards, both for the University and for the Office for Learning and Teaching. She provides academic support for applicants for University and OLT grants, teaches on the Graduate Certificate in Higher Education and contributes to the Principles and Practices Program. She has been responsible for Teaching@Sydney, the Sydney Teaching Colloquium and resource development.


Tai Peseta

Dr Tai Peseta

Senior Lecturer
Tai is involved in the Curriculum Renewal Project, looks after Sydney Teaching Colloquium, and develops resources related to community-engaged learning and teaching. She contributes to the suite of ITL's professional development programs and carries out research on different aspects of academic development. more..

Dr Keith Trigwell

Professor of Higher Education
ph: (02) 9351 4572
Teaching on ITL's academic development programs, coordinating the Foundations of Research Supervision program and supporting and conducting research on university teaching and learning. more..

Academic Research Affiliates

Rob Ellis

Dr Rob Ellis

Associate Professor
ph: (02) 9351 3781
Rob is the University’s Director of eLearning and Learning Space in the Office of the DVC(Education). He leads eLearning development for the University through Sydney eLearning and conducts his research and teaching responsibilities through ITL. more..
Michael Prosser

Dr Michael Prosser

Honorary Professor
Mike, until recently the Executive Director at the Centre for the Advancement of University Teaching, the University of Hong Kong, is an advisor to the ITL on a wide range of academic development issues. more..

Administration Staff

Brad Ridout

Dr Brad Ridout

Survey Officer
Full time
ph: (02) 9351 3607
Administration and reporting of the University of Sydney's degree level surveys, including AGS (GDS/CEQ/PREQ), UES and SREQ. more..
Sue Robinson

Sue Robinson

Administrative Assistant
Full time
ph: (02) 9351 5434
Personal Assistant Director, Teaching and Learning. Faculty Associate Deans Learning and Teaching coordinator; Administrative support for the Foundations of Research Supervision. more..