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2014 Student Colloquium Ambassadors

We are incredibly pleased to introduce the University community to this year’s six Student Colloquium Ambassadors.


Sydney Teaching Colloquium asks
"Is our assessment up to standard?"

New global awards

For innovative higher education pedagogies enhancing learning and employability

About Us

About us

Find out about the ITL's mission and its role in the University, how it works and who its staff are. Find out who to contact at Sydney with your particular teaching and learning question. Read about the ITL's research and annual reports on our previous work. Find out about our research students and opportunities for those interested in enrolling in Doctoral degrees with us.

Our Research

Our Research

Consistent with the concept of a research-led teaching and learning institution, the ITL adopts a scholarly and research based approach to its academic development activities. Our academic staff are active researchers and we welcome collaborations with members of the University community interested in researching teaching and learning in higher education.